2012 was the 10th Anniversary of the Bulgaria Tippler Union AGM . We recieved a call inviting the EFTU representitives, to attend the occasion as special guests .It was arranged for Dave Warrener, Ian Elstob and myself to travel Manchester Airport, for our flight to Sofia

10TH Anniversary AGM pictures

Ahmed Memet ,who was to look after us on our stay would collect us . Ahmed is not just the main figure for the Bulgaria Tippler Sport . he is well known to all the unions across Europe . Ahmed is a very intelligent and a knowlegable friend when it comes to tipplers . He can speak many languages, he indeed helps many pigeon organisations across Europe, transporting the various Tipplers and racing pigeons from one country to another, on fanciers requests. Sometimes driving for many days, to reach certain countries .Along with his own excellent variaty of pigeon products. He also produces the rings to all the racing and tippler organisations across the world .If there is a tippler loft or pigeon fancier out there Ahmed has probably seen them .We as tippler fanciers have a lot to thank Ahmed for ,it is he that brings alot of fanciers together in this hobby and promotes the sport in a big way. It was Ian Elstob who introduced us to Ahmed .Whilst on a holiday in Bulgaria a few years back, Ian just so happened to be in a resort cafe on the internet .Ian came across the Bulgaria Tippler Union website . He asked the lady in the cafe to ring a guy called Ahmed Memet who was a couple of hours drive away .This was not a problem for Ahmed, he soon came to collect Ian to show him around . This was the start of a good friendship and Ahmed has made regular trips to England by car . He even came with a broken leg once with our countries roads full of snow .This is the dedication of a true tippler man .

As we touched down in Sofia Airport for our stay, Ahmed was there to greet us for our couple of hours drive back to his home town of Haskovo, but before we headed there, we were soon at fanciers lofts around Sofia.

Bulgaria Officials loft , home of the “Crazy Pigeon Fancier”and a some of the many Fanciers lofts and birds we visited.

The first home we visited was a man there to greet us .Ahmed had his car boot full of pigeon products for him . We couldnt but help to notice a large tattoo on the mans neck . On his neck was a large tattoo of a tippler, with words around the tattoo saying ” Im a crazy Pigeon Fancier “. We just knew instantly we were going to have a good time on our trip .He was a real friendly guy

tattoo above of “Im A Crazy pigeon Fancier” on his neck

We drank coffee and talked about tipplers . he had his birds up in the roof of his home . We then were off on the road looking out the car windows at many kits flying around on route. Ahmed was sharing his knowlege on the way of the various villages by the sides of the road with mountains in the background the scenery was amazing. One village he pointed out he said every other home has Bulgarian highfliers also some of his own members lived there . We had not seen Bulgarian high flyers before .We soon were in a village looking at these different birds .Everyones gardens in the street seem to have pigeons in them .Everyone was really friendly and came to greet our arrival . It was nice to see our own English tipplers and the hard work Which Ahmed does for our sport .In the first garden we went in, he had some fine looking Bodens from England Mick Camplins and a few Van de werfs from Holland in a nice new loft. A couple of gardens down had dogs, rabbits, pigs, chickens, pakistani highflyers and Bulgarian highflyers. We stayed a while in this street where we had a nice meal and beers prepared for us, from one of the Unions members Wifes. We handled more tipplers and talked more tipplers before we set off .

We arrived at Ahmeds beautiful five floor house ,with his newly big pigeon factory built at the side.Everything you need for pigeons he had it . The first floor of the big building is a large shop. The second floor had large holding cages for pigeons and lots more pigeon baskets and everything you need for pigeons, for his imported racing pigeons and tipplers he dispributes around europe . Basicaly the pigeons had a life of luxery .They had a floor big enough for a house to them selves . the next floor was our own Luxery apartment for ourselves to stay in .All kitted out nicely with on suit facilities, a nice kitchen and living room also nice windows to views over the big piece of land Ahmed owns there . The next floor was another home, before the last stairway into Ahmeds fine living area which he shares with his wife Mimi. Who Welcomed us with more food and drinks . When you step outside onto the balcony over looking the area, this took you to his well laid out tippler loft .We went straight into there for a look at his tipplers .The tipplers were in excellent condition . We handled some of the finest tipplers you could see anywhere in the world .It was nice that he had kept some of our very own birds he recieved from us back in Sunderland, along with some nice birds from Tex Brookes from the Midlands that he had been flying really well from. Taking two new Bulgarian records, just this year .We had more beers and talked loads, as Ahmed had alot to share of hes experiences through his tippler journies. Then it was off to bed as we had the AGM in the morning

We had a little drive from Ahmeds home ,to a fantastic luxery building with beautiful gardens ,an outside sitting area and swimming pool in its own grounds, packed with tippler men from around Bulgaria and Europe . On arriving we were instantly the center of attention .We were like celebraties with a camera man filming our every move and cameras flashing like the papparazzi .We Entered a fancy restaurant room with beautifull laid out tables with a England lable on it for our seats . We took to our seats and had a waitress service with laid on drinks and were treated to a sit down meal .Everyone wanted their photos took with us and all the tippler men, wifes and visitors from turkey came to talk to us, we were made to feel really welcome, which was really nice of them .On the front of the room was a massive cake ,with a tippler on it and great looking trophies, laptops and flat screen televisions for the winners .The professional potographer continued to take photos and We were filmed throughout . A DJ announced our arrival and said many nice things about our visit from England before doing the presentation . We had already planned to give a Friendship Shield from the EFTU, which was decided that any new records from the Bulgarian members,that the names would be placed on there .Along with a nice gift from the turkish tippler fanciers. Davey Warrener Ian Elstob and myself handed out the trophies. We had our individual photos took with the winners .Even the number 1 flyer Mimi ,Ahmeds wife won a competition , which was good to see. Mimi had chosen the kit herself and flew them whilst Ahmed was away on his travels .

Mimi number 1 Flyer in Bulgaria and a gift from Turkey along with trophies

After the presentation it was outside the building for a photo shoot. Around 100 people were outside the building for one big photo, along with many individual shots . It was then back inside the building for a celebration party with music from the DJ . Songs like We are the champions were played and it was nice to see Davey and Ian up on the Dance floor for some tradional dancing .

10TH Anniversary Cake

After the Agm we went back to Ahmeds palace with the turkish tippler fanciers for more food and drinks and we were treated to some of the tippler dvds. Ahmed has a large collection from his travels. He talked us through the different people around europe on the dvds that he had met and took birds from to disribute around Bulgaria and other places like Serbia, Holland, Macedonia,Germany,Belguim,Croatia and turkey along with others throughout the Uk.

The next day We were shown the various pigeon products, Ahmed produces and the hard work of Mimi has she worked, making our rings in the factory at the side of their home.

Mimi the boss in the ring factory .

We were then off to visit some of the lofts and birds of people we met and talked to in the AGM the day previously .The tippler sport is really popular in the country and is a fast growing sport in Bulgaria, infact from the 80 plus members, 60 or more people participate with their kits on competition day. There were many lofts we visited. We could not believe the condition ,all of the birds were really well cared for and looked First class . We were treated to some song pigeons ,these were actually show birds, all white, clean legged, like looking droppers, that made unusual noises ,something we had never experienced or seen before, these were created in a small village, there in Haskovo. They were called Tai Laughters a type of Trumpeter .

Tai Laughters singing pigeons

We were took to a rich guys house. It was fantastic like a pigeon paradice. His home and grounds as well as him glamourous cars were to dream for, along with his brilliant loft and birds. He had mainly Van de Werfs from Holland .It was a pleasure to sit and watch his kit flying also, we could of stayed there all day, it was amazing to see how they did things in another country. Everywere you looked seemed to be kits ,flying by each other . We were took to another place. Again another luxery house with five floors. With his tipplers on the top floor, we havent seen anything like it before . You have to be there to appreciate his loft and birds.He kept 100s of tipplers .Mainly Van De Werfs, a pair of my own Bodens ,a few from Serbia fanciers and some Ian Elstobs badges .He released some Ian Elstob Young birds into a nice blue sky ,they looked great.We were soon back on the bottom floor watching them in action , in a building at the side of the house, built purposely for guests . We were treated like kings to some fine cooking from his wife along with some Bulgarian beers.

Guest room for tippler men ,up on the roof and inside the loft

we then went sight seeing ,we were driven to a large statue . The largest in Europe. At the side had a view tower, with 364 steps to the top.It was quite scarey but a great view of the full city of Haskovo .

Views over the City Of Haskovo

On the night we travelled out of the city with Ahmed and his wife, to a fancy fish restaurant. We were treated to Carp which was a bit different to what we used to. Ahmed and his wife Mimi could not of done anymore for us. It was a pleasure spending time with them.

Bulgaria was a great experience for us and would like to thank Ahmed and his wife Mimi for everything they did, in making this possible. It was a really special trip .We will never forget our stay there in Bulgaria

Thankyou from us

Best regards Dave Black